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Dr. Md. Abu Syed




Short biography of Dr. Abu Syed

Dr. Abu Syed is a nominated Lead Author of AR6 of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Fellow at Bangladesh Centre for Advanced (BCAS) since 2008 and founding Director of Nansen-Bangladesh International Centre for Coastal, Ocean and Climate Studies (NABIC), Bangladesh since November 2011. Co-Principal Investigator, HI-AWARE and was one of the Coordinating Lead Authors of Assessment on Peri-urban Agriculture in South Asia, East and West Africa. He is leading several climate, ecosystem, coastal modeling and impacts studies. In addition to his research career he has been involved with several entrepreneurial initiatives viz., Managing Director of C4RE Services Ltd., since 2015. Director of House of Agro-Services & Ideas (HASI) Ltd. Since 2010 Taraganj, Rangpur. He has many publications in peer reviewed books, journals and book chapters on climate modeling, ecosystem modeling, forestry, remote sensing, GIS, food security, NRM and adaptation. His PhD research titled "Geospatial Response to Global Warming in the Tropical Forest Ecosystems in Bangladesh. The climate modeling research carried out at Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR), Bergen University, Norway and ecosystem research at BCAS and Institute of Forestry & Environmental Science, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh 2009-2014. The research starts with GCM downscaling to South Asian regional model applying WRF (Weather Research Forecast) model and nesting to further higher resolution. A modeling framework through identifying appropriate and tested model configurations for high resolution downscaling of WRF model over South Asia and Bangladesh was developed. A geospatial model has also been developed for analyzing climate parameters and visualizing geospatial responses at different ecosystems in Bangladesh.He holds a PhD from the University of Chittagong and Bergen University, Norway. Dr. Syed possesses vast expertise in teaching and research on environmental management, management, assessment, monitoring, natural resources, SDGs, regional agreements and policies. He has worked quite extensively on application of remote sensing, GIS, geoinformatics in agriculture, water and forest resources sectoral; investment planning, conservation planning, assessing impacts of climate change, adaptation planning and policy analysis and recommendations. His worked and contributed in many national and regional policy documents and effective changes in national policies in water, forestry and fisheries sector in Qatar and Bangladesh. He has the skills and expertise in multidisciplinary research integrating physical and social science tools to assess linkages among socioeconomic and natural resources and ecosystem dynamics using household survey data, ecosystem survey, GPS, RTK survey, remote sensing, GIS and ecosystem modeling, hydrodynamic modeling, climate modeling. His research interests include application of Airborne (drone) remote sensing in natural resources management and conservation. He has a long experience in teaching and supervising research students in environmental remote sensing, geoinformatics, climate change adaptation, ecosystem and climate modeling, community based early warning, disaster risk reduction and management at different universities. Dr. Syed has worked for several national and international organizations including the International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands, Wagenigen University, Netherlands, Max Plant Institute, Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, UNDP, ICIMOD, IFPRI, FAO, European Commission, IOM, IDRC, DFID, USAID etc. His interests are to develop capacity in advanced research (RS, GIS, climate, coast & ocean modeling, spatial planning, disaster risk reduction and adaptation in universities and research centers in Bangladesh and developing countries).

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